7th Polish Combinatorial Conference
Będlewo, September 24-28, 2018
The Polish Combinatorial Conferences are meant to integrate Polish and international combinatorial communities. The upcoming conference is, as before, dedicated mostly to young scientists whose attendance we strive to support (see below). Having this goal in mind, besides several invited talks, we provide also a couple of tutorials by leading experts in Combinatorics.

The scope of the conference is intended to cover most aspects of modern combinatorics, including graph theory, probabilistic combinatorics, extremal combinatorics, combinatorial optimization, algorithmic problems, combinatorial number theory, applications of combinatorics in computer science.

invited speakers
  • Béla Bollobás
  • Andrzej Kisielewicz
  • Alexandr V. Kostochka
  • Jakub Kozik
  • Dhruv Mubayi
  • Paweł Prałat
  • Oriol Serra


There will be a day of tutorials. Two independent courses are proposed and their titles will be announced. Each course will consist of a few hours of lectures, followed by exercises and solutions sessions. It will be possible, although quite hectic, to attend both courses. The tutorials will be led by
  • Marcin Pilipczuk
  • Wojciech Samotij

contributed talks

Participants are invited to give contributed talks. You can find the details here. The deadline for the title and abstract submission is July 31, 2018.

open mind prize

The Open Mind Prize, established in 2010, is awarded biennially to a junior Polish researcher for outstanding research in combinatorics. The awards are announced at the Polish Combinatorial Conferences and the awardees are expected to attend the ceremony and deliver a lecture. The name of the prize comes from the saying of Paul Erdős: My mind is open. The deadline for nominations is July 31, 2018. The precise rules of the prize are here.

fee and support

to be anounced

We acknowledge a support of Stefan Banach Center and Warsaw Center of Mathematics and Computer Science.

program committee
  • Krzysztof Diks, University of Warsaw
  • Jarosław Grytczuk, Warsaw University of Technology
  • Paweł M. Idziak, Jagiellonian University
  • Jerzy Jaworski, Adam Mickiewicz University
  • Michał Karoński, Adam Mickiewicz University
  • Zbigniew Lonc, Warsaw University of Technology
  • Tomasz Łuczak, Adam Mickiewicz University
  • Andrzej Ruciński, Adam Mickiewicz University
  • Mariusz Woźniak, AGH University of Science and Technology
  • July 31, 2018 for applications for support
  • July 31, 2018 for the Open Mind Prize candidate proposal
  • July 31, 2018 for 7PCC registration; for title and abstract submission
Looking forward to seeing you in Będlewo, the organizers.